Jim Schwartz and the Lions – Where is the Class in Sports?

by JDCam 10.16.14

This might qualify as somewhat of a rant. I was prepared to let it go until the Baylor Bears scored 21 unanswered points to top TCU on Saturday in a defenseless see-saw battle that was worthy of the top ten matchup it was hyped to be. At the end of their last gasp win Baylor fans rushed the field. WHY? I DON’T GET IT?! Clearly Baylor was down big in this game and the odds were stacked against them. However this was a 5 vs 9 matchup. Baylor was a favorite here. To me, while rushing the field is fun and it was certainly a remarkable comeback it screams of a lack of belongingness of your college team. Heads up Bear fans, you were supposed to win that top ten matchup at home. No matter the circumstances, rushing the field seemed a little much.

Was Baylor rushing the field in a game in which they were favored too much?

Was Baylor rushing the field in a game in which they were favored too much?

The previous Sunday October 5th the Buffalo Bills committed a way more egregiously pathetic and Bush league maneuver after outlasting Alex Henry, the kicker of the Detroit Lions, who was thoroughly determined to lose the game.  Henry managed to miss 3 field goals (indoors mind you) before Dan Carpenter split the sticks with a 58-yarder with 4 seconds left on the clock for a 17-14 win.

After the clock expired Buffalo players carried former Lions head coach Jim Schwartz from the field. This certainly got Golden Tate’s blood boiling, as the Lions wideout confessed after the game later. ‘I thought it was so disrespectful. So disrespectful. I didn’t like it at all. If I knew I wasn’t going to get fined, I would have snatched him right down off their shoulders and threw him on the ground, personally. But obviously I couldn’t do that’. (Obviously Golden, obviously. The outstanding quote of the week award goes to you for this gem).

Bizarrely, I’m inclined to agree with Tate here. Apparently, Bills defensive coordinator Schwartz had told Bills players how much beating his former team in their own building would mean to him, all but hinting at the level of adulation he wanted at the end of the game. How classless. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Schwartz was paraded around like a conquering Roman hero. What do you have smile about Jim? You are coaching on a vanilla Bills team that sits at 3-3. You were fired from your last job with the Lions after a season of underachievement with significant talent and a litany of poor judgment calls.

Ultimately it would be a refreshing change of pace if folks in the position of men like Schwartz (leaders in the highest level of competition in a given sport) would act like they expected to win. Not only did Schwartz fail to do so, he acted as if he had single handedly won a game in which it was primarily the incompetence of the Detroit special teams that lead to the victory (Henry was cut the following Monday), not to mention the lack of sportsmanship in blatantly disrespecting a team you beat in their own building. Stay classy Jim Schwartz, I’m sure the Lions won’t forget THAT game in a hurry.


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